One to One Coaching
with Shelley Richanbach

As peer facilitator, my goal is to help women achieve optimal health and wellness. The process seeks to guide each client to talk about what is most important about her condition, what she most wants to change, what support she has to foster change, and what obstacles or difficulties must be removed, minimized or managed to support and advance healthy behaviors.

My intentional focus is on the uniqueness of each client and the context of her life as well as her special issues and concerns.

It is my main role to use expressive arts techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist you in creating and sustaining healthy behavioral changes. Most importantly my role is to be a witness to you – to listen with my ears and my heart. I hope to help each client find the teacher, advisor and counselor that they need…in themselves.

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“To be at peace with ourselves, we need to know ourselves.”

– Caitlin Matthews


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Upcoming Women's Circles
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Descriptions of Women's Circles

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October, November, December
Stay With It!
SATURDAYS 9:30 am – Noon
October 8, November 5, December 3
Must pre-register.
$75 for all three; $30 single


Women For Sobriety (WFS)
75 Minutes MONDAYS 12:30 – 1:45 pm at Redwood Shores Branch Library